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To save you time and effort in filling out standard documents, we offer you the opportunity to directly contact the responsible contact person. Depending on your desired relationship or area of expertise, our team is available to assist you individually.

Truck Transportation (Import/Export)

Beat Weisskopf

Head of European Operations, Sales

T: +41 61 467 19 13
M: beat.weisskopf@nordtransport.ch

Sea and Air Freight (Import/Export)

Claude Altenbach

Head of Overseas

T: +41 61 467 19 19
M: claude.altenbach@nordtransport.ch

Textile Traffic / Warehouse Logistics

Christian Keller

Head of Department France, Textile Logistics, Warehouse Management

T: +41 61 467 19 35
M: christian.keller@nordtransport.ch


Bertrand Stehlin

Customs Department Manager

T: +41 61 467 19 38
M: bertrand.stehlin@nordtransport.ch